Buxton Spa water and Yorkshire tea bags eleven hundred feet above sea level. Caravans, long, short, tall and wide with a few motorhomes chose Friday 13th for their Chelmorton meet and spring bonfire, run by the Sheffield DA of the national camping and caravan club. After beasts from the east, snow and hail, April's Friday 13th date marked a turn to spring weather and Saturday sunshine positively cooked the campers in the flat and level hide-away field at the heart…
April 1st news story, Boat Race winners Cambridge found to have used electric oars strikes them from the 2018 Varsity win set the rare tone of an April 1st Easter Sunday. No fools in Chelmorton for a treble bill Easter Sunday, baptism, Easter Eucharist and an egg hunt.
update  March 2nd more pictures of a beleaguered Chelmorton update Evening March 1st minus five and drifts begin to overrun Main Street in Chelmorton March 1st morning powdery snow in waves of wind bank into walls around the village of Chelmorton eleven hundred feet above sea level. Snow fall on the last Wednesday of February lay drifted by Thursday morning as winds built the wave-like drifts up into the east walls of Chelmorton. Holiday guests in the Primitive Mews cottages…
Morgause Lomas from Chelmorton donned a red goalkeeper's jumper for the Cambridge University blue Nomad team. She took goal duty  against Oxford for the varsity girls' hockey match 2018. Morgause  held the line with an undefeated goal-mouth on the Cambridge end and delivered an unbroken goal score.  Cambridge University Nomads team win 2018 Varsity  three nil against Oxford University.  Morgause is reading archaeology at Homerton College, Cambridge and is a  former Repton and Kings Canterbury hockey goalkeeper.
Monday, 12 February 2018 21:15

First lambs walking the snow in Chelmorton

Fields above the rakes were home to some of the first new lambs in Chelmorton, grass a little thin to find in the snow. The new lambs in mid February sunshine hunting grass in the sunshine of snow covered fields.
Monday morning sunrise over snow blown Chelmorton with schools texting opening delayed until ten (Feb 12th ) Heavy rain during the weekend had washed much of the salt away, a clear Sunday evening sky saw the snow sparkle in sub-zero temperatures but cloud was back by breakfast with further snow fall over the Main Street in Chelmorton as the sun warmed the road for early morning cars to escape.
Winter Olympics begun and Valentine's Day in sight as snow falls for Saturday morning before Valentine's Day in Main Street, Chelmorton, eleven hundred feet above sea level in the heart of the Peak District. Double in Chelmorton for Valentine's evening. In a double date Valentine's evening it's Chelmorton film at the Institute and Ash Wednesday at St John's Church. The film chosen for Valentines is Dunkirk. Ash Wednesday at the church is set to be a big turnout on the…
Picture postcard sunshine in the February snow of 'Family service Sunday' at St John's Church, Main Street Chelmorton - a perfect balance of high ground snow and spring sunshine as the first crocus petals emerged in the warmth of Chelmorton village in the heart of the Peak District. Chelmorton Low, snow capped at fifteen hundred feet, gently turning green into the eleven hundred feet fields astride Main Street and the Ditch. The golden locust atop the spire of St John's…
Freak weather, ice, snow, sleet and hailstones in the last weeks of January for the linear villeage of Chelmorton in the Peak District National Park. Fierce winds, snow shovels by the door, salt waiting and then huge rainfall creating floods across the main roads into the village. By morning of Jan 24th the main road toward the mighty A6 was near-closed and water just overwhelmed the surface. By any standards the January weather has been variable in extremes, snow over…
Friday, 29 December 2017 18:54

Heavy snow for the morning of Dec 29

No White Christmas in Chelmorton, eleven hundred feet above sea level in the Peak District - the 25th of December remained mild and green. With the last days of December, Dec 29th saw a big fall come down in the early hours and beyond breakfast. Main Street Chelmorton was open; by eight am the big plough had a clear line down the linear village. Picture postcard weather followed.
Chelmorton, who we are with DNA for the birth of Baby Jesus. Dec 25th - Half a lie-in for soft grey cloud morning of Christmas day proper and a walk of fresh air to the church of St John in Chelmorton.
Sunday family service, mulled wine and mince pies. Children formed a circle in St John the Baptist Church family service, Main Street Chelmorton. David Race handed out the crib figures and the children walked through a packed congregation to the centre of the church where the figures were arranged in the nativity scene. ‘Away in a manger’, a soft first verse as the little ones enchanted the church with Christmas. Hollinsclough Silver band accompanied from the Lady Chapel.
Almost two weeks to Christmas and winter postcard scenery arrived in Chelmorton. Proper fall of snow turned Main Street white on Friday evening Dec 8th - a clear, cold moon sky turned the world very white and more snow fell Saturday and Sunday to make Christmas postcard scenery as locals built snowmen up and down Main Street in the linear village of Chelmorton, eleven hundred feet above sea level.
Nov 25th snow fall, Black Friday sales week, chaos on Oxford Street in London while residents in the Peak District village, eleven hundred feet above sea level in Derbyshire at Chelmorton awoke to more than an inch of snow fall. Tractors out and about to service the fields were the first vehicles on Main Street, mild warmth in the morning sunshine brought postcard scenery across the limestone patterns of the Peak District field strips. Some morning snow with big flakes…
Saturday, 04 November 2017 19:29

Chelmorton all ready for the Christmas post.

Shiny, new and first class for the first days of November 2017 at eleven hundred feet in the Peak District village. With autumn leaves orange and falling, joint benefice service at St John's under the golden locust dome, the hour of the clock solidly moved and sunset around five light shone bright at the centre of Main Street.
Wednesday, 01 November 2017 23:50

Halloween in Main Street Chelmorton - 31 Oct 2017

Children donned some of the best fancy dress in memory of Halloween for the Chelmorton Main Street spooky walk with a very scary house at the centre of the village where only the brave met the witch, rang the bell and summoned the monster demon.
David Gould - renowned Chelmorton author of the first history book of Chelmorton village has been interviewed by local tourist website Discover Buxton.