2020 June half-marathon in Chelmorton for World Global Running Challenge during lockdown

Life in lockdown, eleven hundred feet above sea level in the heart of the Derbyshire Peak district, lambs in the fields getting larger, first grass cut harvested, clear sky without aeroplane tracks.

The sky was so clear it was just possible to see the new rocket heading for the space station due west in the evening sky.

Blistering May sunshine and then some June rain to push the next grass up from the last days of May cutting. Wild flower, buttercup and dandelion pouring colour into the field grass.


June 4th marked World Global Running Challenge, Carl Lomas from Chelmorton teamed up with the oldest church in the City Of London, All Hallows by the Tower, who organised a 2.6 challenge team of the congregation to run a whole marathon from London to Derbyshire and beyond.

Lomas knocked out a half marathon of 13.1 miles completely distanced from the world eleven hundred feet above sea level delivering one mile laps in grassland west of Main Street,.

Perfect conditions with a soft cool rain that had broken the blistering sunshine. Chelmorton fell race record holder Andy Wilton delivered a very fast ten mile contribution from Buxton and the All Hallows team smashed their target to complete a total distance exceeding four marathons in the day, raising funds for Christian Aid.

Chelmorton Chase running race remains in the FRA calendar for Sept 22nd - five miles with a downhill finish,. Fingers crossed for lockdown, watch this web for updates on the popular Peak District running race.