Monday, 13 August 2018 18:40

Just for September at St Johns Chelmorton

David Race reports that for this month only for September 2018, the family service at the church of St John the Baptist in Chelmorton will move to the second Sunday and to a new time. The September family service will be on Sunday 9th and will start at eleven AM. It’s a double date with the christening of Mabel Mary Simcox. For those unable to make the time change, Monyash will be holding their evensong at six thirty PM on…
April 1st news story, Boat Race winners Cambridge found to have used electric oars strikes them from the 2018 Varsity win set the rare tone of an April 1st Easter Sunday. No fools in Chelmorton for a treble bill Easter Sunday, baptism, Easter Eucharist and an egg hunt.
Chelmorton, who we are with DNA for the birth of Baby Jesus. Dec 25th - Half a lie-in for soft grey cloud morning of Christmas day proper and a walk of fresh air to the church of St John in Chelmorton.
Sunday family service, mulled wine and mince pies. Children formed a circle in St John the Baptist Church family service, Main Street Chelmorton. David Race handed out the crib figures and the children walked through a packed congregation to the centre of the church where the figures were arranged in the nativity scene. ‘Away in a manger’, a soft first verse as the little ones enchanted the church with Christmas. Hollinsclough Silver band accompanied from the Lady Chapel.
Golden arrangements of flowers adorn the aisles of St John's Chelmorton. Pinch, punch, first of the month for October 1st Sunday service in St Johns, Main Street Chelmorton for Harvest Festival. Equal size congregation, port and starboard, left and right of the aisles of the Church of St John for the first day October.
Dry morning under grey clouds as folk, local and campers walked up Main Street for the Easter Sunday service. As has become tradition in Chelmorton it was time for an Easter Egg hunt. Vicar John Fountain and reader David Race conducted the service with an Ionian flair. Stage fright when youngsters were asked to volunteer. Volunteer for the cross.
Monday, 30 January 2017 23:51

Xmas Service 2016

The letters spelt FEY for Christmas morning Windy and wooly from that storm Barbara for the walk up Main Street, a good turn out for St Johns, Vicar John had a magic box of Xmas gifts, Scottish word of letters to celebrate Christmas that were not in the English dictionary. Then inside the magic box lay a secret, a mirror, a reflection of all things as the lights of candles were lit down to the altar.
Sunday, 13 March 2016 00:53

Mothers' Day March 2016

Soft snow flakes for mothers day in Chelmorton. Mums walked Main street for St Johns and the spire of the golden locust in sunshine with scattering of snow for a perfect family morning in the peak district. David Race lead an Ionian service, warden Irene Ottey had steamy tea and simnell cake was very special. Lord of the Dance sang loud and then flowers for all the Mums and parents. The church of St Johns was awash with daffodils and…
Sunday, 31 January 2016 01:01

Last day of January 2016

All the future of 2016 at last service of January for Joint Benefice at Chelmorton Snow gone, a warm week as January ends and then some rain to escort folk walking Main Street to the golden locust of the church of St John in Chelmorton. Those who braved the rain were not alone as Sunday service was a joint benefice of the parishes of White Peak, From Monyash to Taddington, parisoners joined forces as James laid his fingers on the…
Friday, 25 December 2015 01:11

Christmas Day 2015

Christmas day below the golden locust, a top the spire of St Johns in Main Street. A very busy church for family service at ten with David Race leading the service. The final candle of advent lit, children formed up during the sermon to take letters for a Scrabble game to spell Peace and Joy. In Chelmorton tradition the children had their Christmas gifts blessed during the birthday party service for the birth of Baby Jesus on December 25th 2015.…
Sunday, 20 December 2015 01:17

December 20th - last advent of December 2015

 There were blue skies in Chelmorton as many folk walked Main Street for the three pm carol service supported by Hollinsclough Silver Band. Another full house, David Race opened with a tree of the bible story from Adam & Eve to Mary. Vicar Richard lit the final red advent candle and the congregation sang loud for  O Little town of Bethlehem. Some readings of Ionia before  ‘While Shepherds watched their flocks by night.’ David race lit the childrens candles before…
Clearing the Shelves of St Johns Chelmorton. May Bank Holiday, standing room only for family service engaging many Chelmorton children tacking stock post Easter and clearing the mind. Chelmorton with its reputation for a strong turnout of youngsters at its first of the month family service made no exception for May and the first youngsters service after Easter. Bank holiday sunshine and birth of a princess was talk of Main Street on the way to the golden locust of St…
Friday, 27 February 2015 01:45

February to Easter 2015

Easter weekend Grey rain in the run to Easter weekend did not deter a good turn out of Chelmorton folk to cross the Ashbourne road for a joint parish service of Maundy Thursday at Earl Sterndale. Service taken by Vicar Richard focused on the history of Easter scripture with thoughts on St John and when the words were written. David race was amongst the Chelmortoners to take a seat for the ceremonial washing of feet. Leaving the church for the…
Thursday, 25 December 2014 15:16

Christmas Day 2014

Village life in the Peak District for Christmas day So very far away in deep snow of the South Atlantic, HMS Protector was in South Georgia for Christmas Day.Soft clouds and sunshine above Main Street Chelmorton for family service at St John's the Baptist on Christmas day. A selfie photo on a special iphone as Morgause set candle five alight for the Baby Jesus day. Children had their Christmas presents blessed in the family service. Church warden Margaret Morgan with…
Local produce in the hands of the congregation of Chelmorton for the walk up main street to St Johns in the sunshine of the first Sunday of October. White limestone walls, Illy Willy water, the troughs and new village seat all splendid in the morning sunshine as folk passed the pound and walked up the Main Street Hill. All the more excitement to combine harvest festival at the church with the children's service, little ones adorned the front pews, young…
Thursday, 17 July 2014 16:36

Howard Clarke RIP

Howard Clarke, long time warden of the church of St John in Chelmorton sadly passed away Thursday July 17 th after a long run of ill health. Vicar John Fountain had been with Howard that day. Family communion service at St Johns on Sunday 20th July remembered Howard fondly, prayers were made for him. Howard Clarke seen here on the left of the photo at the Chelmorton Cristingle Service with many of the village children who had tears for his…
Saturday, 14 June 2014 16:47

Beating the Bounds - Tissington Wells

Beating the Bounds together on Sunday . St Johns Chelmorton full of children for first of the month family service, Morning has broken raised the roof of young voices, adding an adult touch Margaret Morgan did the childrens reading before David Race formed a procession line two by two. The village children of Chelmorton walked to the head of main street for a rogation walk on the first Sunday after Ascension. All about, facing fields and gardens for prayers, then…