April 1st Chelmorton Easter Sunday Treble bill and sunshine dancing on the lambs and egg wrappers

Baptism in St Johns Chelmorton, Molly Cooper-Arden Easter Sunday 2018 Baptism in St Johns Chelmorton, Molly Cooper-Arden Easter Sunday 2018

April 1st news story, Boat Race winners Cambridge found to have used electric oars strikes them from the 2018 Varsity win set the rare tone of an April 1st Easter Sunday.

No fools in Chelmorton for a treble bill Easter Sunday, baptism, Easter Eucharist and an egg hunt.

Sunshine against a snow forecast as folk walked Main Street at eleven hundred feet above sea level to the golden locust of St John's Church with the bells ringing for Easter.

John Fountain took the Easter service, David Race reading and Jessica on the organ for a rich and enthusiastic ‘All things bright and beautiful' as wardens Irene and Richard rallied the organisation of the baptism.

Molly Cooper-Arden, born 22nd July 2017 was baptised at St John's 1st April 2018. Oliver holding the new candle of baptism the full congregation delivered ‘All things bright and beautiful' with gusto. Vicar John returned to a sermon around his former RAF days that recognised alliance between families in a year when the RAF was celebrating one hundred years birthday, a very special large egg prize for an answer to the question of that family alliance to the family of Jesus.

The doors of St Johns then flung open as youngsters of the village raced across the grass to find Easter egg tokens they could exchange for the real think in a village egg hunt that has become tradition at St Johns.

Walking back into Main Street, sunshine warmed the new lambs that can be seen all about the village, the same sunshine that danced on the golden wrappers of eggs won in the Chelmorton Easter Egg hunt of Easter Sunday 2018, April 1st.

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Vicar John Fountain launches the traditional Easter Egg Hunt at St Johns Chelmorton with a Cadbury Buttons Egg.

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Easter Sunday lambs in Chelmorton, eleven hundred feet above sea level in the Peak District.