Beating the Bounds - Tissington Wells

Beating the Bounds together on Sunday . St Johns Chelmorton full of children for first of the month family service, Morning has broken raised the roof of young voices, adding an adult touch Margaret Morgan did the childrens reading before David Race formed a procession line two by two. The village children of Chelmorton walked to the head of main street for a rogation walk on the first Sunday after Ascension. All about, facing fields and gardens for prayers, then towards animals and birds for more prayers. Back through the grave yard for prayers of people past from the village. One more rousing song, One more step along the world I go and smiles met sunshine.

Views of Tissington Wells Dressings 2014

eTissington 1

eTissington Hall Well

Hall Well- Tissington


eTissington Hands Well

Hands Well - Tissington


eTissington Yew Tree Well

Yew Tree Well- Tissington


eTisssington Town Well

Town Well- Tissington