Harvest Festival below the golden locust of St John in Main Street, Chelmorton

Golden arrangements of flowers adorn the aisles of St John's Chelmorton.

Pinch, punch, first of the month for October 1st Sunday service in St Johns, Main Street Chelmorton for Harvest Festival.

Equal size congregation, port and starboard, left and right of the aisles of the Church of St John for the first day October.

David Race opened with ‘When I need a neighbour’ Local produce lined the pews, golden sunlight danced on the green leaves turning autumn. Peel of bells in the background. ‘We plough the fields and scatter’ rang out to the organ as the congregation gave thanks for the harvest of the linear village over a thousand feet above sea level. David Race, 9 weeks from his new ceramic hip talked Denmark in the service, community and the harvest.

Harvest was centre stage with pineapples and marrows in wicker baskets. David smiled, inviting parishioners to bid strong for the cabbages at the evenings  harvest supper in the Church Inn.