Hollinsclough Silver Band for St John the Baptist in Chelmorton for Sunday family carol service

Sunday family service, mulled wine and mince pies. Children formed a circle in St John the Baptist Church family service, Main Street Chelmorton.

David Race handed out the crib figures and the children walked through a packed congregation to the centre of the church where the figures were arranged in the nativity scene. ‘Away in a manger’, a soft first verse as the little ones enchanted the church with Christmas. Hollinsclough Silver band accompanied from the Lady Chapel.

David Race began with the lighting of the last red advent candle, there is no further Sunday service in St Johns before Christmas day. ‘Once in Royal David's City’ opened with support of the Hollinsclough silver band and a hearty congregation warming from the snow and ice on Main Street outside raised the roof of the church with a fine rendition of the favourite carol.

Readings began by warden, Irene Ottey and first poem by Jane Denby in a traditional carol service in the linear village of Chelmorton, eleven hundred feet above sea level  still bound in snow and ice for December 17th.

Candles at the pew ends were begun by taper in a line as the children walked the church. ‘While Shepherds watched their flocks by night’ ‘Away in a manger’ and ‘Hark the Herald Angel’ to finish. Mulled wine and warm mince pies then passed amongst the pews for a final festive moment of Sunday Christmas celebration in the church of Chelmorton.

2017 news dec chistingle 2

Four candles of Christingle for last service before Christmas in Chelmorton, St Johns.