Chelmorton Elvis is not going to Buxton Carnival 2021

Buxton Carnival is put on hold for 2021 Covid - Buxton Carnival cup is to stay in Chelmorton one more year.

The Chelmorton Carnival Elvis team will return, but not for 2021.


Chelmorton have entered the Buxton Carnival and taken top prize places in the last decade with smart red tractors pulling farm trailers rocking to the King of  Rock, Elvis on the Chelmorton trailer.

Elvis music could be heard loud, rain or shine, from Main Street, eleven hundred feet above sea level, all the way to Buxton.

Many village Elvis-es take part, from young to old, small to large - all the ages of Elvis. Chelmorton Elvis has become a carnival tradition for the linear village in the heart of the Peak District.

Chelmorton Elvis members from 2019 made the April Buxton Advertiser 2021 with the news story that the this year's Buxton Carnival is cancelled.

The latest top prize cup remains with Chelmorton one more year in absence of the Spa town annual carnival event.

Chelmorton Elvis is ready to return in Summer 2022.