Buxton Carnival July 2014

Chelmorton Village took First prize float win and the Silver cup for the Buxton carnival parade entry. It was hot work in the Elvis costumes dancing to sounds of the King.

 The village of Chelmorton south of Buxton has gained a reputation for top prizes with its farm tractor and hay trailer entry into the Buxton carnival.

In the 2014 sunshine it was a first prize win. Themed Elvis Presley with a traditional farm tractor built by the village team and danced upon by young Elvis, old Elvis, grandma Elvis, Hawaiian Elvis and every Elvis you could imagine to take the first prize place and silver float cup.

Crowds on the Buxton Carnival route, particularly the slopes looked the busiest they had been in many years. Excellent weather turned out the town to wave and cheer.

With the first prize win, the silver cup travelled on the front of David Bagshaws red tractor for the whole route of the carnival.Farmer John Gould organised traditional square hay bales to dress the farm trailer, his grandsons built the float perimeter wall in Main Street Chelmorton.

Children from the village dressed in Elvis costumes, a sound system playing Hound Dog & Jail House Rock boomed out into the limestone walls with another farmers generator in a village team effort. Ice on the cake came in 2014 with blow up toy guitars in Gracelands special colours.

The youngsters danced on the float for a fun filled sunshine day in the spa water town carnival. Heat wave fun in the plastic Elvis costumes. There was chance for a pit stop at Brielor Bar, tea and fluids, got the village photo and then headed down the A6 for carnival proper. Spring Gardens was standing room only for a top level view from the Chelmorton Elvis float platform.

After the parade many of the youngsters re grouped for fun on the evening fair rides before a beautiful sun set return to Main Street in Chelmorton.