Snowmen in Main Street with two weeks to Christmas

Almost two weeks to Christmas and winter postcard scenery arrived in Chelmorton.

Proper fall of snow turned Main Street white on Friday evening Dec 8th - a clear, cold moon sky turned the world very white and more snow fell Saturday and Sunday to make Christmas postcard scenery as locals built snowmen up and down Main Street in the linear village of Chelmorton, eleven hundred feet above sea level.

2017 news dec snow main street

Big snow forecast for Sunday did not arrive, sunshine rolled out from the clouds and youngsters took to the steep fields for sledging in near-perfect conditions to bounce down the hill aboard the sledges of rainbow colours.

Chelmorton 65 bus bang on time

Heavy snow weekend did not stop Chelmorton as the morning bus was bang on time despite snow and ice in the Peak district village eleven hundred feet above sea level just south of Buxton.

2017 news dec bus on time