Pink Tractors arrive in Chelmorton for first snow of 2017 with the bride aboard

Nov 25th snow fall, Black Friday sales week, chaos on Oxford Street in London while residents in the Peak District village, eleven hundred feet above sea level in Derbyshire at Chelmorton awoke to more than an inch of snow fall. Tractors out and about to service the fields were the first vehicles on Main Street, mild warmth in the morning sunshine brought postcard scenery across the limestone patterns of the Peak District field strips.

Some morning snow with big flakes and then sunshine for mid day.

Pink tractors in Chelmorton for mid day sunshine to deliver the bride in the snow.

Bride on board in a beautiful white wedding dress with pink and white flower bouquets, the boys coloured in pink finishers to match the mighty pink tractor. Brides tractor dressed in white ribbons and then a convoy of tractors with pink ribbon for the brides maids. Not one tractor but four for a fairy-tale delivery to the Chelmorton church of St John in Main Street, bridesmaids followed in four wheel drive tractor units. A mighty John Deere tractor to finish the convoy. Tradition at St John's Church in Chelmorton is for local children to bind the church gates during the ceremony, they have to be paid in silver coin to release the bride.

2017 news nov tractor wedding 2

Bridesmaids follow in pink ribbon tractors.


2017 news nov tractor wedding 3

Bridesmaids in the snow of Chelmorton by Massey-Ferguson


2017 news nov tractor wedding 4

A mighty John Deere completes the bridesmaids procession on Main Street for Nov 25th wedding at St Johns Chelmorton in the sunshine snow.