The Great Snow of 2013 - A Festival Gallery

In March 2013 Chelmorton had historically large snowfalls. Sky News visited and the diggers struggled to clear the drifts. This year, the Village Festival will collect and display the photos taken by the residents at the time.

Here's how it was reported on

Extreme weather forecast. March 22. Friday forecast of extreme weather, by late afternoon a heavy snow fall came down and a most unusual wind from the east. The snow was not sticky and blew with the wind, wherever a stone wall stopped it a drift built very fast. More snow on Saturday closed the village as drifts built over eight feet tall. Common Lane was completely blocked by many drifts. Local farmers dug Main street with tractors and by Sunday two yellow road diggers arrived to open the Ditch to the A515, bread and milk soon arrived from Buxton in deliveries organised by Gill Fountain. Monday saw Sky TV news arrive to film in the village, reporter Mike McCarthy for Sky interviewed Paul Mycock at the Church end of Main Street. By Tuesday the Bakewell road link was dug through but Common Lane remained blocked all the way to easter weekend.

Let's get the ball rolling with your great pics !