Buxton Carnival July 11th 2015

A top prize float for Chelmorton as Elvis returned once more for Buxton carnival to take another cup in open float win.

2015 the float had a message to tell, Village Festival week for Chelmorton with big festival Saturday on July 18th. The message had centre stage on the front of david Bagshaws red tractor, scarecrow completion through Saturday and more Elvis.

Sunshine for twenty five thousand crowd to dance from the slopes to the Spring Garden High Street in bumper summer festival carnival day of well dressing dancers and floats. Crowds ten deep at Burlington road, London Road turn was twenty deep and rocked to the music on the hill climb to the Cheshire Cheese with Hi Ho Silver Lining and Sweet Caroline.

David Bagshaws red tractor took pole position as hound dog and the King sang loud and waved wild with more Elvis than ever before. Chelmorton festival adverts front of the tractor as folk all down the line looked up to check the dates. John Gould had best bails with double twine for the walls of the Elvis World.

eElvis Float High Street July 15