First proper snow for 2019 lands in Chelmorton for tea time Friday Jan 18th

Proper snow falling eleven hundred feet above sea level in the village of Chelmorton in the heart of the Peak District.

This was the first proper chunky flakes of snow for 2019.

New Year had been marked by one of the biggest joint benefice church turnouts, hosted at Biggin.

Villagers from Chelmorton to Monyash and Hartington rallied in the warm Sunday air for a joint service.

Later days of January saw dirty cars in the mild damp weather before the mornings tuned cold with white frosty starts on Wed and Thursday Jan 16th and 17th.

Snow fell proper from four thirty on Friday Jan 18th in Chelmorton. By five pm Main Street was white over and the soft chunky flakes were falling into the darkness.

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Street lights and snowfall in Main Street Chelmorton, 5pm Friday Jan 18th