Chelmorton Road Works – digging for water at eleven hundred feet above sea level

Road works adorn Main Street, more bollards than we have ever seen in the linear village at the heart of the Peak District. Are these the highest road works in Derbyshire at eleven hunderde feet?

The work is being done by Amey on behalf of Sevent Trent Water. Fibre cable is also still about the pavements; some has been connected to the poles but reels still sit at the roadside by the post box.

For the new water works, no sooner had harvest festival finished - first Chelmorton harvest festival, then Monyash, then Hollinsclough - before the bright high-viz of road workers arrived in Chelmorton to start the water works.

The job is expected to take some time; golden Autumn leaves adorn the mounds of diggings - will the holes be filled by the time the trees are bare of their leaves? It may be a little longer!

2018 news oct water works 02

Hi Viz in the morning mist


2018 news oct water works 03


2018 news oct water works 04

26 Oct


2018 news nov water works 05

02 Nov


2018 news nov water works 06

07 Nov


2018 news nov water works 07

09 Nov