Eroica festival of vintage cycles in the lanes of Chelmorton

Father’s Day delight, vintage cycling descends on the Peak District. Penny Farthings to racy Raleigh Records, lots of Holdsworth and Carlton, Cologna specials and Bianchi green in cycle extravagance around Chelmorton.

Vintage cycles, all routes, short, 30 mile, medium, 50 mile and long 100 mile headed north from the Eroica festival fields to turn across the main Asbourne road and head to High Stool, cyclists small and large, male and female, dressed in vintage. Men in bow ties and tweed jackets, women in colourful flower pattern frocks with ribbons in their hair pedalled across High Stool Chelmorton.


Eroica festival cyclists by the thousand took in the England logo view of Chelmorton Low as they pedalled tracks between the twisting limestone walls almost fifteen hundred feet above sea level. Spare cycle tyres folded across the racers' jumpers, the tourers had wicker baskets and fluids were carried from silver metal jugs with cork tops and straws in a super-vintage style that can only be Eroica.

The festival fields packed with cycle shopping and vintage clothes, Britannia HQ, the Inner Tube stage, Timber Barn and Best in Show ring all added to a cycle focus but cycle is what Eroica is.

A grand Fathers Day must-visit event -  get your picnic ready for next year, park at the roadside and wave them through the Peak District of Derbyshire.

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Eroica Shop goodies in the big tents