Camping and Caravan Club in Chelmorton for Spring Bonfire meet

Buxton Spa water and Yorkshire tea bags eleven hundred feet above sea level.

Caravans, long, short, tall and wide with a few motorhomes chose Friday 13th for their Chelmorton meet and spring bonfire, run by the Sheffield DA of the national camping and caravan club.

After beasts from the east, snow and hail, April's Friday 13th date marked a turn to spring weather and Saturday sunshine positively cooked the campers in the flat and level hide-away field at the heart of Chelmorton, eleven hundred feet above sea level.

Spa water with Yorkshire tea bags, very best local sausage and a mighty Saturday evening bonfire to show the very best of the Peak National Park in the heart of Derbyshire limestone wall country.

The Spring meet for Sheffield DA is a pound meet, all income to the DA funds and a teaser to break the weather. Even space for hook-up campers on the fifteen pound a night pitches to raise extra income for the Sheffield DA.

2018 was a great success with a big turnout of units on the Friday. Saturday bacon sandwiches were rich in the Chelmorton morning air.  Eleven am had a full circle of campers for the tea break and DA natter. Mains water tap in the field was almost pure limestone spa water, Yorkshire tea bags and a treat of a cuppa to remember.

Trips to Buxton for Poole's Cavern, Arbor Low for the stone circle, Chatsworth for the farm shop. Afternoon agenda was pit stops at Hartington for local cheese, Bakewell for puddings and some Derbyshire oatcakes.

After a warm sunshine Saturday campers re-set their outdoor chairs in the adjoining paddock for an evening of more warmth. A twenty foot high bonfire awaited, Morgause took the moment of eight chimes pm and lit the base of the mighty bonfire. It roared into flame and set an energetic tone of evening social .  Ian and the Sheffield stewards sorted tables and barbeque for some proper Chelmorton hospitality; a sausage supper with very best pork sausages from the Cooper's farm.

Taste extravaganza in the soft meadow grass with a mighty bonfire and moonlight dancing around the pre-historic barrow atop the fifteen hundred feet high Chelmorton Low.  With the bonfire embers deep red by eleven, a magical evening before bedtime in a place so quiet you could hear the meadow grass rattle in the limestone wall sides.

Sunday morning  for walks around the  village, Main Street for Deep Dale and the wild orchids, the Church Inn gastro pub ten mins walk for Sunday roast and even some campers at St John the Baptist church for a morning service with Vicar Richard Benson.

2018 news apr sheffield dc 02

Circle of campers with the twenty foot tall bonfire at the Sheffield DA Spring meet April 2018


2018 news apr sheffield dc 03

Very best pork bangers on the BarBQ for Sheffield DA campers at the Chelmorton Spring camping meet.