Chelmorton's origins

Over the centuries the name of the village has been listed variously as Chelmorton, Chilmorton, Chelmerten and Chelmarton. Chelmorton lies about four and a half miles south of Buxton and has several claims to fame. It is not only the highest village in Derbyshire but has the highest church and pub in the county of Derbyshire. Another unique feature is the distinct field pattern around the village, created when the medieval strips were enclosed. The pattern has remained virtually unchanged. The public phone box is also unique, built of stone construction and painted green.

Chelmorton was built along the banks of a little stream that was known as Illy Willy Water, it provided a constant supply of pure water for the village. It came out of the hill just above the church, ran down what became the village street and slipped away into a swallet hole. The village was built on the banks of Illy Willy Water and is in its original form was exactly the same length as the stream.

late local author Harry Swindell Chelmorton - Extract from 'What A Life'